Cade Davis kicks a 50-yard field goal

OU basketball player Cade Davis is known mostly for exemplary shooting skills and other

Sooner Cade Davis

complimentary athletic prowess out on the basketball court.  But just recently, he accomplished something that not very many basketball players are known for even attempting, let alone actually doing. Much to the delight of himself and those who witnessed it, Cade Davis kicked a 50-yard field goal.       

Davis was just clowning around prior to a workout recently when he boasted to one of the team trainers that he could successfully kick a field goal. So the team trainers (Justin Mathis and John Christ) called him out on his supposed bluff and wanted to see if he could actually do it. 

Great athletes like Cade Davis are known to be prolific in many other areas and in many other sports.  Most of them have also lettered and starred in other sports prior to focusing primarily on basketball.  Davis is showing how he could have been a kicker on a football team if he had chosen to go that route.  

The video of Davis’ famous kick can be seen by clicking on this link.  What makes Davis’ feat so incredible is that he lined-up the kick at about the 50 yard-line and booted it straight through the uprights with his basketball sneakers on.  Davis also had to kick the field goal with the assistance of an amateur placeholder making the task even more difficult.    

Since the kick was made inside of an indoor practice facility on a makeshift practice field, the goal post was not 10 yards further back like in a real game or it would have been a 60-yard kick.  Nevertheless, the kick was still a legitimate 50-yarder executed on synthetic turf, witnessed by two team trainers and backed by this video. 

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