What if a dunk was worth more than two points?

"The Dunk"

Nothing excites a crowd more than a dunk

In basketball, the dunk shot has been around for a long time. It is a foregone conclusion that teams gain important momentum after the execution of a successful dunk shot. The successful execution of a dunk shot puts two points on the scoreboard but these two points pale in comparison to the overall impact of what the dunk shot actually does to a team and a crowd during a game. Basketball has been called the ultimate spectator sport and one of the biggest highlights of any game is witnessing an impromptu dunk shot by the home team player. The intense powerful impact of the dunk shot instantaneously hypes up any crowd. 

Most Sooner fans were witnessing some the best dunks ever during the time when dunking-sensation Blake Griffin played those two years at Oklahoma. Nothing gets a crowd more excited than a dunk shot and if there is one rule in basketball that could be enhanced, it would be to make the dunk shot worth more than two points. That’s right, I said it.  Let’s say that we kept the dunk shot at a round figure with a difficulty level slightly above a 3-point shot, it could be worth four or even five points. Sound crazy?  Let me expand on this theory.   

Allow yourself to visualize for one moment what this would do to the game of basketball. Even though it might inevitably cause Dr. James Naismith to roll-over in his grave if he knew this part of the game that he invented was ever changed.  But just like when the three-point shot was first introduced to basketball, it would cause coaches and teams to make some minor adjustments in the beginning, but after the adjustment period the games would be even more exciting to watch than they are now.

The dunk shot will never be boring or lose its’ luster for being the quintessential play in basketball having the most extreme impact on a game because great dunkers are constantly inventing and successfully executing more new and  amazing dunk shots. An athlete caught on a poster in a vicarious position of getting dunked-on will always be just as significant as the one who is executing the dunk shot because avid basketball fans never forget about the best dunk shots or the person that was dunked on.

But what if a dunk was worth more than two points? It might be something to think about and it would definitely add a fun twist to the game of basketball. So this is a message to David Stern, or the powers that be at the NCAA, or even FIBA if you are listening: How about making the most prolific accomplishment in all of team sports worth more than two points?

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For more Information:  mikeaikins@hotmail.com

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